Customs services

customsUnderway Transits acting as a customs broker provides a full range of customs operations with cargo such as: customs broker services, customs guarantee, issuance of INTRASTAT report (reference) and submitting it to the Estonian Department of Statistics.

Underway Transits arranges all customs formalities and procedures required for the international transportation of cargo.

Customs operations:

• Issuance of customs import/export declarations

• Providing certificates of origin (EUR.1, form A)

• Completion of СМR note

• Opening of TIR-CARNET book

• Issuance of transit customs declarations (Principal service)

• Procedure 42*

• Completion of INTRASTAT reports

• Timed payment of import duties

• Bonded warehouse services

 * Customs procedure 42 is a mechanism an EU importer uses in order to obtain a VAT exemption. It is applied when goods imported from outside the EU into a Member State will be transported to another. In such cases, the VAT is due in the latter - the Member State of destination. There is a risk that imports may remain in the Member State of importation without payment of VAT. Imports may be also consumed in the Member State of destination without VAT being collected there.

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