Warehouse services

Our storage system permits flexible capacity to accommodate seasonal fluctuations caused by consumer demand and harvest cycles affecting agricultural products or industrial production.

Warehouse is customs bonded and situated near Tallinn and Muuga port. Storage areas have sheds containing separate sections of varying sizes to facilitate the handling of goods when separate storage is required. They are secure, dry and suitable for the storage of different goods including food products.

All storage facilities are equipped with railway approach for loading railway cars and with ramps for loading trucks. In addition to 24 hrs manned security control, the warehouses are equipped with electronic fire and burglary alarm systems. Warehouses are under regular inspection and approved by International Insurance Underwriters appointed by cargo owners, as well as certified by the Fire Safety Department and the Sanitary Inspection Authority.

warehouse2Following operations can be arranged:

• Combining of cargo for consolidated shipments

• Packing, repacking, unpacking

• Marking

• Labelling

• Palletizing

• Fastening

• Authorized weighing

• Sorting

• Screening

We provide long and short term customs bonded storage of cargoes. Underway Transits issues receipts and warrants accepted by first class international Banks, making it possible for our clients to opt for financing of goods stored in our warehouses.

Stocktaking of goods in store is fully computerized. All details of cargo arrangements are processed by comprehensive computer software, enabling to obtain exact stock positions at any given moment. Also, stocktaking is duplicated in the traditional form, by way of printed records to ensure availability of all cargo details at all times in case of IT failure. Physical inspection of stocks is carried out on a regular basis.

In-store servicessuch as re-bagging of torn bags and cartons; re-conditioning of damaged cargo; labeling and re-labeling of cargo and other similar procedures can be carried-out as per instruction orders from cargo owners.

Quality controlis executed by qualified specialists. Sampling of goods and general quality analyses are performed in accordance with applicable rules and valid International Standards. Exact substance analyses are carried out by licensed laboratories, certified by the Accreditation Center, and certificates are issued accordingly as per the requirements of clients.

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